is too bright?
Not for RigExpert™ Stick

Compact Antenna Analyzer
with superior readability in direct sunlight

Get ALL you want
in ONE

  • High contrast E Ink display
  • Consistency and accuracy without prior recalibration
  • User friendly splash and dust proof case
  • 16-hour runtime on one charge



Always ready to start measuring

E Ink technology

  • Reliability is in the DNA of RigExpert antenna analyzers
  • We offer a 2-year warranty and are so confident in our analyzer we will provide full replacement instead of repair
  • We take no risk and
    you can only win

Specifications Where To Buy

Frequency range 100 kHz…230 MHz
Display Sunlight readable E-Ink, 200x200 pixels
Operating time
(continuous measurements)
16 hours
Operating modes Multé (quick check of multiband antennas)
HAM (quick check of single band antenna)
Single (measure SWR, Z, R, X, C, L)
SWR chart
Built in Helper Yes, In the push of a button
Localizations Perfect English
Output connector SO-239
Output power -10 dBm
Battery One Lithium-ion 18650 (included)
Charge time: 3 hours via USB Type-C port
Operating temperature 0-40 °C (32-104 °F)
PC/Mobile Interfaces USB Type-C, Bluetooth ver. 4.2 LE
Dimensions 185 x 40 x 33 mm (7.3 x 1.6 x 1.3 inches)
Weight (with battery installed) 185 grams (6.5 Oz)
Warranty 2-years RigExpertCare™

Reviews & What users say Where To Buy

Nice and handy device. Think the ePaper display has a little getting used to but the small size is a big plus for field trips. (I own a AA54 and AA600 myself)
Sean Wieland
Love that device manufacturers are finally catching on to recharging with USB-C instead of microUSB
Steven Linley
The e-ink screen is a game changer. At least 50% of my analyzer use is outdoors. The e-ink screen can be read indoors/outdoors and even in bright sunlight
Raul Roa Faundez
Increible la tecnologia de hoy, un abrazo a todos
Rob Ramsey
First, I've been using your AA-35 Zoom for a few years and love it. I just ordered and received your Stick 230 and am equally impressed with how well it works and how easy it is to use. Thanks for making such wonderful products. Regarding possible improvements, I'd love to see the same AntScope app features in the iPhone app as are already in the Android app. I'm an iPhone user but have to carry around an old Android phone (no sim) to get all the features (specifically screen capture) you offer in that platform's app. That's it, you've exceeded my expectations in every other area :) Rob Ramsey, KC8KPX

Video review Where To Buy